Why choose us

A modern WHM cPanel hosting provider

WHMcPanel expert removes the technical barriers to make cloud hosting accessible to anyone, anywhere.

As a cPanel hosting company, and as individuals, we value honesty, personal excellence, openness. We are committed to every customer we provide our services to, Large or Small. We hold ourselves responsible to our customers, employees, partners, and shareholders by honoring our commitments, providing results, and striving to be the industry's best service provider.

Our mission is to offer our customers the best possible experience when utilizing our network to further their business activities day by day. We intend to continue to be an industry leader and an online provider that our customers can depend upon and trust.

WHMcPanel expert provides users with a simple and intuitive tool that allows users to move to Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Digitalocean, Alibaba Cloud, or Linode in a matter of three clicks and ten minutes!

Small businesses choose us because they often (rightly) spend their time focusing on their core business and working hard to make it successful.

Developers choose us because they are busy people, sometimes working around the clock for their company or themselves. They need an easy solution to convert to cloud hosting. We are this solution.

WHMcPanel was launched in 2020. Within a year, we already hosted more than 11,000 websites.

It's Personal


We know hosting is about much more than uptime and site speed. Even though your hosting bill maybe a little part of your business spend, your website is perhaps the most important tool your company has.

Customers come to WHMcPanel because they trust us with their websites, not just because even our first line support has the technical experience to understand complex issues. Our technical support management is relatable, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Besides the WHM cPanel reseller hosting program, we have developed our cPanel hosting platform focused on optimized site speeds, reinforced site security, and guaranteed uptime. We have built a custom network in all data centers to ensure your sites and applications' security and stability. Apart from cPanel hosting services, we offer resellers an option to provide virtual private servers and dedicated servers at no cost.

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Coronavirus Notice: Now we are 100% remote as a company, and our entire team works from home, securely; We have maintained our ability to provide full support. Long term, remote work is not a substitute for the knowledge sharing and community that comes from a productive work environment and will be back to office-based work.

Careers & Opportunities

Feel like we might be a good fit?

We WHMcPanel continually looking for great people to join our team. You need to have a significant technical internet site history and develop web server experience and exceptional customer service skills. Most importantly, you also need to have something about you that makes you more than just good at your office work; you need to be exciting and fun to be around and work with.

All our work is fully office-based, and consider ourselves excellent employers and pay competitive salaries.

Send a CV and cover letter to [email protected].